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With the most comprehensive database of homeowner reviews, Avid has what’s needed to assist realtors, designers, architects, and others to measure, analyze and promote their performance. Avid provides you with a clear impartial picture of the value you bring in the eyes of your customers. This is invaluable in shaping how you strengthen and promote yourself.

More Who

Avid surveys reveal attitudes and performance of everyone who matters.
  • New homebuyers
  • Homeowners
  • Builders
  • Business partners
  • Employees

More What

Beyond just product quality, Avid measures everything that customers value.
  • Designs and ideas
  • Business expertise
  • Products specified and installed
  • Customer service
  • Project price and value
  • Brand reputation
  • Team performance

More How

Understanding the landscape reveals improvement opportunities and priorities.
  • Ease of doing business
  • Clarity and timeliness of communication
  • Job is done on-time, complete, and on-budget
  • Sales speed and performance

Digital Dashboard

Avid Ratings lets you understand everyone and everything that shapes your brand. Explore our AvidCX platform below.